Re-emerging from the void. Some random notes

Hello everybody. I just wanted to tell you i'm back 🙂

Some might have wondered why I did not blog anymore. Answer is simple: I moved. From a rented house into another house I now bought and where I had to do a lot of DIY stuff (including electrical installation) myself before we could move in. Besides all that stuff I simply did not find the time to blog and to be honest, if I would have had a slot of spare time, I probably wouldn't have used that for blogging.

So, now the move is done. My day to day business calmed down a bit, and I have a new project at work that is very exciting. This project will demand things I never did before, so it includes a lot of learning and sharpening my skills. One thing I need to focus on is getting estimates more on target, so that will require some research I'm likely to share.

Another random note is that I can't wait until the Elite: Dangerous beta comes out. This game is still in alpha (I blogged about the kickstarter campaign that made this possible earlier) and there are a lot of very exciting videos of alpha footage on youtube and there are very promising reviews out there that make me long for the beta start.