Microsoft Edge – First impressions

After the upgrade to Windows 10 I started using Microsoft EdgeMicrosoft Edge as my main browser. Now, just a few days later, I can tell you about my first impressions.

For me, Edge seems like a lean browser, but it still feels very much beta.

Some things I already complain about: When you drag tabs out of the main window, and put them on the desktop as a separate window, and perhaps later want to drag that separate window into the main window again, then the second window automatically opens up a new empty tab and stays there.

When using my web mail account, I cannot use drag & drop there to add new attachments from an explorer window. Also, the normal file upload dialog does not work there (it does here on my blog, though).

Also, on certain pages like Twitter and especially JabbR, the tabs tend to hang and block and I need to reload the page often.

Another huge issue for me is, that there is no adblock extension for Edge so far. And I am so used to using the adblocker, as it really makes my browsing experience just so much better, that I was really disturbed about the awful lot of ads I now see again.

After all, there are some problems with Edge that needs to be fixed, and some extensions need to be provided soon. Still, Edge seems promising, when the issues are resolved quickly. At the current stage, I really see Edge as a beta and not as a production-ready browser.