Re-emerging from the void. Some random notes

Hello everybody. I just wanted to tell you i’m back 🙂

Some might have wondered why I did not blog anymore. Answer is simple: I moved. From a rented house into another house I now bought and where I had to do a lot of DIY stuff (including electrical installation) myself before we could move in. Besides all that stuff I simply did not find the time to blog and to be honest, if I would have had a slot of spare time, I probably wouldn’t have used that for blogging.

So, now the move is done. My day to day business calmed down a bit, and I have a new project at work that is very exciting. This project will demand things I never did before, so it includes a lot of learning and sharpening my skills. One thing I need to focus on is getting estimates more on target, so that will require some research I’m likely to share.

Another random note is that I can’t wait until the Elite: Dangerous beta comes out. This game is still in alpha (I blogged about the kickstarter campaign that made this possible earlier) and there are a lot of very exciting videos of alpha footage on youtube and there are very promising reviews out there that make me long for the beta start.

Scheduled downtime in September

My hosting service provider just informed me that my server will have a scheduled downtime next month.

They need to physically move some machines into a new data center, and my (virtual) server Gallifrey is running on one of these. Of course in times of cloud and virtualization that should not be a reason for a downtime, but since I’m only paying 30€ / month for a 4 core, 4 GB RAM, 200 GB hdd virtual machine (to compare: a single azure small vm would cost twice as much), I think I am not in the position to complain.

Downtime will be from Friday, 13th of September, 22:00 CEST (20:00 UTC) to Saturday, 14th September, 06:00 CEST (04:00 UTC).

I’m confident that, even if this happens on a Friday the 13th, the move will be finished in time and the actual downtime is possibly shorter than that.