My developers toolbelt 2016

I cought a tweet a few days ago asking for your developers toolbelt, specifically on windows. And I gave a very short answer and mentioned I would blog about this:

So, this is a more elaborate answer to the developers toolbelt question. My default windows developer installation contains the following:

  • Windows 10 Professional (fully updated)
    • .NET Frameworks active
    • IIS Installed
    • Dev-Mode enabled
    • Linux Subsystem installed
    • Windows Defender as Antivirus solution & default Firewall
      (no external security software)
  • Dropbox
  • 1Password
  • IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox (for testing, yes, I do quite a bit web dev 🙂 )
  • Git for Windows for commandline usage
  • SourceTree as my graphical git client*
  • Beyond Compare as my diff tool
  • Cmder as my console of choice
    (my previous blog post is about using the Linux bash on Windows in Cmder)
  • Node Version Manager nvm for Windows, and as such a lot of node versions
  • Primary IDE: Visual Studio 2015 (with ReSharper Ultimate)
  • Secondary IDE: WebStorm
  • .NET Sourcepad: LinqPad
  • Primary Database: SQL Server 2016 Express
    other DBMS as required by projects.
  • dbForge Schema compare and dbForge Data compare
  • Office 365
    • OneNote for collaboration
    • PowerPoint for presentations
    • Outlook for e-mail comms
    • Word for occasional paperwork
  • Slack and TeamViewer for other comms / collab
  • VSCode as my main text editor
  • Atom as secondary text editor (i.e. large markdown files, where VSCode crashes)
  • Android Studio
  • Genymotion android emulator (quite a bit faster than the normal one)

In the list above, except for ReSharper, I am not listing additional addons / extensions to the other listed tools.

    • I also tried GitKraken, Tower for Windows and the GitHub client, but they are - in my opinion - not as usable as SourceTree. Especially Tower wastes too much screen estate.